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My second single ‘Hail’ is an ode to the uniqueness of human beings and the beauty of imperfection.This song was written in a time when I noticed that so many of us treat ourselves unkindly. We are afraid of failure, afraid of making mistakes, and that holds us back when we try to develop our talents and shape our lives.
We mirror ourselves to the lives and looks of others and often are blinded to our own uniqueness and beauty of our imperfections.
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I wrote this song after Amy Winehouse died, it is a song honoring her and all lost souls. There are many very talented musicians and artists we lost along the way, tormented by their own shadows. I was inspired by the idea of the early New Orleans “jazz funerals”, to write a song as a farewell, where everyone can walk along and celebrate the life of the deceased. So to Billie Holiday, Chet Baker, Whitney Houston, Amy ….and many many more, and to all of you out there who feel a little or a lot LOST sometimes, this song is for you. Hope you all find your way!

Sara Bonne playing Amy’s Song live in the studio @Eerst Jaap, Radio 6

Sara Bonne playing Hail live in the studio @Eerst Jaap, Radio 6

Sara Bonne playing Stepping Stone by Duffy live in the studio @Eerst Jaap, Radio 6 for the Zwarte lijst Classic

life happens @Live uit Lloyd TV Rijnmond

Stepping Stone @Live uit Lloyd TV Rijnmond

Amy’s Song @Live uit Lloyd TV Rijnmond

Heal Me @Live uit Lloyd TV Rijnmond

Hail @Live uit Lloyd TV Rijnmond

Sara Bonne live @Omroep Brabant

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