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For all you lovers out there, here is my song: That is why I met you. Not your average romantic lovestory but a real one about the good and the bad as we all know it to be true;-) LOVE SB

Yeah!! It took a little bit of time it is! The live compilation we made of my album release concert in De Unie Rotterdam on the 23rd of september 2012.

"Testimony" is the name of my first album and the word that best describes it. It is a story, my story, 12 stories about life and survival,the loss of love and finding it again, trying to be confident in this moment of time,in all your beauty and with all your flaws. Looking the beast in the eye and finding true beauty and sometimes just the beast staring back at you. This is my story, written thruthfuly and bold, this is what happened, what  I experienced , what I witnessed,it is….my testimony.

If you like the music please share on Facebook: and Twitter: @sarabonnemusic #testimony. Thank you for your support! 

Sara Bonne :”Testimony” out now! In stores,itunes, spotify, and many more.

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