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'Hail' is an ode to the uniqueness of human beings and the beauty of imperfection. I wrote this song in a time when I noticed that so many of us treat ourselves unkindly. We are afraid of failure, afraid of making mistakes, and that holds us back when we try to develop our talents and shape our lives. We mirror ourselves to the lives and looks of others and often are blinded to our own uniqueness and beauty of our imperfections.

Thank you so much to everyone that gave their love and energy to make this video! ♥

FEEL FREE TO SHARE, thanks for your support!

Official video for second single Hail, released March 8th 2013. Taken from the debut album ‘Testimony’ released Sept 23rd 2012. 

Director:Ingmar Swalue/p & c KingCrow Records 2012/released March 8th 2013/Made in The Netherlands/All rights reserved 

Take a peek into the process of making my album! part 2. 

Bam! 16 tracks are recorded!;-) Now it is mixing time and…”kill your darlings” aiaiai! Can’t wait anymore to let you listen, so with this video a little piece of my song “Heal me”.

Thanks a million to my special guest Ronald Kool who rocked  the songs big time!

And to Mark Brants again for making the video and…to THE BAND;-) …Maarten Molema, Danny La Haye, Frans Verburg, Dami Corlazzoli and Producer Budy Mokoginta. Thanks everyone!

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