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Newsletter, shows yoga and wine

Hi! Here it is: Newsletter #9
With new show dates, a playful singing workshop by yours truly and something to do with wine.
Hope you enjoy it! Love SB


02-03-2014 De Machinist Rotterdam 15:00-17:00
I will play 2 acoustic sets with Younes Kadri on guitar and… we will try out some new songs and pay tribute to some of my favourite musicians!

13-04-2014 Schouwburg Almere aanvang: 16:30
Sara Bonne will see the theatre lights! The whole band will play including new songs, very excited about that!

25-04-2014 Volver Live! Tilburg zaal open: 20:00
A very charming initiative, I will record some of my songs in front of the audiance! Check it out and be sure to be there, it will be intimate and give you a sneek peak into how things works in the studio.

WOW! TIME FLIES! when you are having fun;-) One year ago I released my album Testimony. In a year we have done so many great things and enjoyed many beautiful moments, one of the highlights being the Album release concert with so many friends fans and family to cheer for us. Also playing in Paradiso was one of my dreams that came true! Making an independent album and trying to get it to you guys is an adventure I will not soon forget! I have seen highs and lows and learned so much! It is all worth it when I am able to do what I most like doing: make music with all my heart. I want to thank again everyone who has given their time and energy to the album this year, I could not have done it without you. Much LOVE! 

And…there is no end ofcourse!! I am writing and creating as we speak, so don’t go anywhere…to be continued;-) Thank you all for your support so far, keep sharing the music if you feel it, it makes me happy to know you care! LOVE SB

Reminiscing my album release concert in “vertical video syndrome”.Thanks for filming guys;-)

Last week I posted the video of Life Happens, how it all began 2 years ago, in my room with my ‘ol piano and some birds on the background. This video is how the song evolved over time and how it is recorded on my album Testimony. I hope you like it!;-)

A round of Rotterdam

Hi everyone, this weekend I will be biking through my hometown for two gigs. Saturday I will play my songs in an acoustic setting @Melange a Trois -Raaf Rotterdam

Sunday I will spread my wings @BIRD-Rotterdam with my full band.

Hope to see your smiling faces on one of these gigs! The weather is still cold and grey so what better way to spend your weekend than drowning yourself in music, beer/tea and cozy warm places.

Love SB


'Hail' is an ode to the uniqueness of human beings and the beauty of imperfection. I wrote this song in a time when I noticed that so many of us treat ourselves unkindly. We are afraid of failure, afraid of making mistakes, and that holds us back when we try to develop our talents and shape our lives. We mirror ourselves to the lives and looks of others and often are blinded to our own uniqueness and beauty of our imperfections.

Thank you so much to everyone that gave their love and energy to make this video! ♥

FEEL FREE TO SHARE, thanks for your support!

Official video for second single Hail, released March 8th 2013. Taken from the debut album ‘Testimony’ released Sept 23rd 2012. 

Director:Ingmar Swalue/p & c KingCrow Records 2012/released March 8th 2013/Made in The Netherlands/All rights reserved 

NEW SHOWS! “Testimony” release tour

23.02.2013 Benefit concert Ubuntu Rotterdam time t.b.a.

24.02.2013 De Machinist Rotterdam 15:00

02.03.2013 Instore De Bijenkorf Eindhoven 15:00

10.03.2013 JW cafe Rotterdam 18:00

14.03.2013 PAARD VAN TROJE 22:00

16.03.2013 Instore De Bijenkorf Rotterdam 15:00



07.04.2013 BIRD ROTTERDAM 15:30

18.05.2013 Jazz uit de koffer Schiedam 21:30

31.05.2013 Jazz ‘n Eersel Theater de Muzeval 21:00

Benefit Concert for Ubuntu

On the 23rd of february I will sing on a benefit concert in Rotterdam for  Ubuntu Theatre Organisation! 

I am very happy to be able to contribute something small to the wellbeing of streetkids in Indonesia and I hope you will all check out this organisation because they work on wonderful projects with/for the kids to help them in their daily life through music and theatre. 

It has my love and support. Hopefully yours too, it is needed.

Yeah!! It took a little bit of time it is! The live compilation we made of my album release concert in De Unie Rotterdam on the 23rd of september 2012.

"Testimony" is the name of my first album and the word that best describes it. It is a story, my story, 12 stories about life and survival,the loss of love and finding it again, trying to be confident in this moment of time,in all your beauty and with all your flaws. Looking the beast in the eye and finding true beauty and sometimes just the beast staring back at you. This is my story, written thruthfuly and bold, this is what happened, what  I experienced , what I witnessed,it is….my testimony.

If you like the music please share on Facebook: and Twitter: @sarabonnemusic #testimony. Thank you for your support! 

Sara Bonne :”Testimony” out now! In stores,itunes, spotify, and many more.

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