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It feels like I’ve been writing forever. As a little girl I already used my pen and paper to express my thoughts and emotions. I had stacks of notebooks, always wrote in different ones simultaneously and as a result i created even more chaos in my life. Later on as i re-read many of them i was surprised and somehow discouraged when i found out that every year i basically wrote the same things. I felt like i wasn’t evolving, little did i know that life can be brought back to simple themes and my desires and pains are in core the same ones reoccurring in different life situations. A lot of my notebooks died in a fire years ago that wiped away all of my memories.. Photo’s, writings and drawings/paintings i made over the years were like an archive of my life. I still to this day don’t know if it was just tragedy or if i can someday find out it was a blessing in disguise…

This was one of the things that happened in my life and threw me off track. These life changing events became important parts of my stories that I translated into songs over the years. I call them stories of love and the lust for life, losing hope and fighting for light.. At one point there were many little songs, unfinished ones, too finished ones, and at many times i could have recorded them as a first album… why didn’t I? Why did it take a while for me to record these tales?

If you ask me: What happened? I can only say: Life happened. I have seen highs and lows and who I am in this moment because of that, you can hear in my songs.I want to share them with you and hopefully they will let you know something about me, about life, about the stuggles we all have living life the way we want to.

Somehow I never shared the past recordings of my songs with many, guess i always felt something wasn’t right. And in feeling that i was right. The music was beautiful but never brought my stories to life, they hid what i was trying to say, like troubled water i could never see what lied beneath. In the deep.

This depth has always been something i experienced and encountered a lot in my life but couldn’t be found in my music. Maybe i was trying to be too perfect, maybe I was searching too hard or i lost track of what really mattered, misguided by things that seemed important in music at the time. It had to be somewhat complicated while my lyrics were very clear. It did not work, this huge contradiction i continuously felt this and fought against it not knowing how to change it.

"I want to make intelligent music", one of my musicians said at the time, and then it hit me: That is NOT what i want, I just want to share my life’s stories in the most honest way i can. Because THAT is what i am. A straight foreward girl with huge dreams.My producer told me: you are much more a singer/songwriter than just a singer as you have always considered yourself. And that made sense. Since it feels like i have been writing forever….

So it took a new fresh window to look through to see what i felt was missing, and why it never came to recording my first album before. This journey i am on right now, is a journey into myself, into music, redefining, rediscovering my voice and perspective that i want to share with you.

It has taken its time and is an ongoing process, a path full of resistance but also of big revelations and finally a sense that NOW TIME IS RIGHT THIS IS RIGHT


I hope you will all follow me on my path through my transformation. Slowly but SURELY you will see and hear..


Shine on, Sara

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